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Faucets are an easy and fun way to earn chai ~ pani ~ sutta ~ toffee (money) crypto, either directly to your faucetpay account or accumulated in some sites with a higher cash out. 


Either way, faucets are the most basic way to earn some crypto.   In terms of work to earnings ratio, surveys give you the most, then shortlinks and then faucets.


​Not all faucet sites will last forever, many don’t survive beyond the first week, some dry up temporarily based on market conditions.

However, there are exceptions, faucet sites that have been around and growing strong since 2009.  


To get the best out of faucets - avoid sites with large cashouts such as 0.0003 BTC (unless you have or can generate a huge referral base), read reviews on TrustPilot when new sites launch and most importantly have fun, keep stress and expectations away when it comes to FREE money  :)


I recommend the below as my top 10 crypto earning websites based on two factors: 1) Low payout limits, 2) Longevity.

Anyone can earn from Day 1 more than $25 per month provided you do surveys. Around $5 per month per program if you are only going to do faucets and PTC Ads.  

If you are new to earning crypto, apart from faucets that dry up quite often, you may want to give these sites a try.


Cheers and welcome to your crypto journey :)

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